Get Your Story Boldly Told. From documentaries to short marketing videos, Growler Productions is ready and capable to convey your story visually, dynamically to your audience. With lights, appropriate sound recording, and great cameras, we will make your story come to life sharply -- with you or for you. And we will help you to reach the most people possible, by taking it quickly to the web. We'll also help you to design or redesign your web site or portal, presenting your story as effectively and stunningly as when you first imagined telling it yourself. You know your story; it's our job to make sure everyone else does, too.

Canaloplasty, demystified.
This is a piece we did for a biomedical startup to explain a procedure they have developed for treating glaucoma. Through patient testimonials, the doctor's own explanation, and demo animations, the procedure effectively sells itself.   Play the video

International Montessori School
We made this short expositional piece about a Montessori school that teaches through total language immersion. In addition to the cute kids of many backgrounds, the techniques and theory shine brightly! Play the video

Pedro Guzman
This profile story of a Latino man who was detained by the U.S. government for two years actually made a difference! Pedro's story is told through his wife and child who miss him greatly and he is now living with them again.   Play the video

All in an Afternoon
In response to the Durham County Library's "Love My Library" contest, we made this fiction piece. The actor was fantastic, our "tricks" worked, and we won first place in the professional category.   Play the video

Contactology Superheroes: Shoeboxed
First in a series of videos showcasing effective uses of Contactology's email campaign software, this piece highlights the relationship with Shoeboxed. We love promoting local businesses and this took care of two at once.    Play the video

Dancing Man Productions demo
We love supporting the arts and this piece helped to promote the work of Freddie Lee Heath, a master dance teacher. Working with him, we used four-cameras to create DVDs for other teachers to bring to the classroom.    Play the video